Conscious Consumers

"We connect conscious consumers to businesses that want to make a difference in the world Our mission is to create a world where businesses and consumers prioritise people and the planet." We're a team who're going to create the first billion dollar social enterprise.


Make decisions without meetings. Loomio saves time, gives clear outcomes, and keeps everything in one place. We built a global campaign promoting Loomio as a platform for change.


Open Source // Open Society is a tech conference run by myself and three other colleagues, with the help of a wide support team. All about learning how technology and open ways of working can transform your life, your work, your organisation and our society.

A Multipotentialite

I've done quite a few things in my working life so far.

From developing programmes for positive youth mental health outcomes, building a better future for all of us through changing business practices, building a national (NZ) circus entertainment company, growing the audience of a international SaaS comany and more!


I'm responsive and conversational, so come say hi!


A contributor to Enspiral since 2015, I've enjoyed building the network alongside some amazing people into what it is today. Enspiral is all about getting more people working on stuff that matters, in what ever capacity they can.