A fairly diverse work history

A digital marketer who was trained as an industrial designer at Victoria University of Wellington (New Zealand), I've been involved in creative and technical projects for most of my working life.

My passion to live at the intersection of creative diciplines and technology has more often then not led me to be working as a member or leader of marketing teams asking big questions and always trying something new.

What I do

  1. Data analysis and reporting
  2. Documentation writing
  3. Copywriting
  4. Design process, method, application
  5. Ability to navigate complexity
  6. A visceral understanding of the importance of quality communication
  7. Planning strategically
  8. Engaging and build collaborative, high-functioning, and efficient work environments

Recent work

In the last eighteen months I've spent a large portion of my time working on growing enterprise marketing at SaaS companies Conscious Consumers and Loomio as a contracted member of the team.



Loomio is a cooperative based in New Zealand, wiht a product designed to help teams better collaborate and make decisions. Identifying the niche in the market, working with the product team to provide a direct line from customers, this marketing project was experimental to say the least. We ran constant experiments based on hypotheses with varying data points and information — using a broad range advertising platforms and strategies such as DuckDuckGo, Ecosia, Reddit, Carbon, and more. Simultaneously we kept a close reign on how we were using the data we have from our users, keeping privacy, and integrity close to the core of what we were doing. Additionally the initial research indicated our perceived market would not be willing to pay for the product

Core goals for the Loomio project were:

  • Identify and define paid user segments for the business
  • Develop a marketing strategy to enter into the US market
  • Increase the paid userbase to 'X' level

Main challenges

  • Need to ensure data privacy and integrity
  • Semi-distrbuted team
  • Uncertain/unsure of our paying customer base
My Role
  • User research — using internal and external data
  • Digital channel management - Facebook, twitter, reddit, SEM
  • Digital ad strategy & implementation — Facebook, reddit, SEM (Google, DuckDuckGo, Ecosia, Reddit)
  • Copywriting
  • Reporting & data analysis
  • Landing page development

Conscious Consumers

Building the first Rainbow Unicorn. We created a new marketing team with the purpose to support sales, grow the amount of consumers on the platform, and develop a strong brand — ready for iternational expansion.

More to come...