On being a part of Enspiral + Lifehack

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On being purpose-driven

Social Contracts

Legal Contracts

Tools of the trade


Cherry-picking Holacracy for the finer points

Digitizing how we work

Enspiral Intro

Lifehack as an entity has taken most of its DNA from the Enspiral network. In the way we organise and make decisions, through to the way we execute our work. Enspiral and Lifehack both have flat structures, embracing total self-management in all of our areas of work. Enspiral is made up of a collection of people who are all driven to make the world a better place by working on more things that matter. This is the purpose that has been chosen by the network, and it has been intentionally kept broad in so as to afford the space to many different areas of pursuit.


Enspiral as an entity has evolved throughout the last five years to generate more impact, and more meaningful enterprise, the network is currently housing 250 people globally with a centre of 40 people in the Wellington co-working space. Enspiral believes in creating space that catalyses the people within to make the change the want to make, this includes taking the same care and attention in crafting the online section as the offline, as well as investing in twice-yearly retreats for members and contributors of the network. We use these retreats as a place to collectively decide where we want the network to go, adjusting the course of our flight and ensuring that we are continually pointing in the right direction.


Social contracts exist in Enspiral on different scales, from how we operate in Enspiral Space (our co-working space), to how we interact with each other to ensure that everyone has their voice equally represented. There have been some physical manifestations of these social contracts where we have developed software to better support these beliefs, such as  co-budget and loomio – the latter joined the network out of the occupy movement, you can read more about it over here.


The technology overall that we use to support our organisation is as follows:


  • Loomio: for collaborative decision-making
  • Co-Budget: Collaborative funding
  • Slack: Group communication
  • Email: We still use email, however through google docs
  • Google Docs: For collaborative work
  • Trello: Task management kanban board in a low-fi package




We’ve fully embraced using these digital technologies in a hope that we are getting to a point where we can completely break down the barriers to communication across continents and the office. A challenge we all face is remaining connected with the network when you’re not actually in the office, meaning that you’ll often miss the casual chatter that happens around the watercooler. Often people find that keeping tabs on loomio conversations and discussions, along with the various slack channels we have is enough to keep a general overview of what is going on in Enspiral; combine that with connecting with a few individuals for updates and that should cover off enough on our movements.


Additional to this Enspiral employs a buddy-system whenever someone new joins the network so that you have someone to help you navigate the waters and get your head around the complexity that we all operate within. We’ve still to iron out how this should ideally function, but we have found that there is a social agreement made between members of the network that they’ll do everything they can to make sure new contributors feel welcome.

Collab Funding

Enspiral Ventures – here –


What about Lifehack?


Lifehack has taken on a lot of how Enspiral operates into our own architecture, making the decision to embrace a flat structure as well. To ensure that we get things done, so to speak, we have embraced being purpose-driven on an organisational and team level, clearly defining roles, responsibilities, accountabilities, key metrics, and projects currently underway.
All of this information is available in our trello board we use for daily operations, as well as a core google document that is available for all to see. We keep all of our documents available for all to see, so that if anyone wants to know the answer to a question they are empowered to go find out for themselves. The individual also has the ability to find out who is responsible for what stream of work, who is working on what, and who they need to talk to.